Sunday, August 20, 2017

How to Choose Keywords for Your Website

Keywords are critical to the success of your website. You should have between 20 and 40 keywords/keyword phrases to ensure you have chosen a broad enough topic to build a successful website on. When you pick the keywords that are most profitable, you can bring the right targeted traffic to your site.

Expanding your keyword list can be done using some of the many tools that are available, such as Google Keyword Tool. It is a great way to get some excellent keyword ideas. It will provide you with a list of potential keywords and keyword phrases. You can get a more accurate idea by using Match Types and by choosing the Phrase option.

Expanding Your Keywords

For example, use the word cat and ëcat foodí as the keyword phrase ñ you will get just over 1,300,000 searches so that would make it worth expanding further on. Then let us say you search cat food and you discover the number of searches is over 2,000,000 so you can see how this could be a better choice because more people are searching.

Find Related Keywords

It is really easy to do your keyword research focusing on terms that are commonly used by those who are already familiar with the topic. But you shouldnít stop at this point. There are always tons of other words that should be considered. This is the reason why it is so important to research all the phrases by looking at synonyms and words that are related.

After you find the keywords that are right for you, and with tons of potential, you should add them to your keyword list, along with the number of times they have been searched. Your list should be pretty extensive by now.

Calculate the Keyword Potential

To calculate the keyword's potential you need to figure out how many searches there have been using the Google Keyword tool in comparison to how much competition there is. For your first keyword/ keyword phrase; take the number in the search column and divide by the number in the competition column. This provides you with a rough idea of the potential that keyword can offer.† Multiply this number by 1000 to make your results easier to analyze.

Choosing Your Keywords Choose the keywords with the highest potential, and use those in your search engine optimization. Start to enjoy the benefits of targeted traffic to your website.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Adopting A Dog Audio Book

Pet adoption is the process of taking responsibility for a pet that a previous owner has abandoned or released to a shelter or rescue organization. Common sources for adoptable pets are animal shelters and rescue groups. Some organizations give adopters ownership of the pet, while others use a guardianship model wherein the organization retains some control over the animal's future use or care.

Adopting A Dog - Chapter 1: So You're Considering a New Pet

Adopting A Dog - Chapter 2: The Right Dog for You

Adopting A Dog - Chapter 3: The Adoption Process

Adopting A Dog - Chapter 4: Puppy-Proofing Your Home

Adopting A Dog - Chapter 5: K9 Supplies You'll Need

Adopting A Dog - Chapter 6: What to Do If It Isn't Working Out

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Tips for Choosing a Good Domain Name for your New Website

Before you rush out to the internet and grab a domain name for your website, there are some things you should consider.

Your Website Name and Domain Name Should Be the Same

It is always best if you can name your domain and your website the same. Having the domain that matches your website makes it easier for those who are looking for you to find you. For example, if you think of Wal-Mart you would think of a URL that has the name Wal-Mart in it. Of course, if you are just beginning your business and you canít get the URL that matches your site name youíll have to consider other options.

How Long Should Your Domain Name Be?

You can have a domain name that is up to 67 characters, so you donít have to settle from short abbreviated URL thatís obscure to your visitors. There still seems to be a lot of banter over whatís better a short or long domain name. Some believe shorter ones are easier to type and there are fewer mistakes, while others argue that a long domain name is easier to remember because it will include keywords. For example, what would you find easier? or

Whatís the right choice? Go for one that best allows you to use keywords from your website name.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of a Hyphened Name

* Search engines are able to pick out your keywords and thus help to place your site more appropriately. * The non-hyphenated version of your name may no longer be available, but the hyphenated is.

* Itís easy to forget the hyphens when typing the site name.
* When people recommend your website, they have to remember that you need to put hyphens in the name.
* Hyphens tend to be a pain.

What to choose? COM, NET, CA, ORG, etc.

One of the most common questions that gets asked is what to choose for a domain extension. There are also specific top-level domains available such as ca, nu, de, etc., and it can be confusing whether thatís a better choice. The answer is ñ if your market is global probably not. If your market is local to a country, region, or city, these can work good for you. Remember internet users are most programmed to the common domain extensions.


Just in case all of this information began to overwhelm you, the key is to think about the domain you choose for your business, since changing it later is not easy. Then choose, buy, host, and move on.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Mastering The Golf Swing Audio Book

The golf swing is outwardly similar to many other motions involving swinging a tool or playing implement, such as an axe or a baseball bat; however, unlike many of these motions, the result of the swing is highly dependent on several sub-motions being properly aligned and timed, to ensure that the club travels up to the ball in line with the desired path, the clubface is in line with the swing path, and the ball impacts the centre or "sweet spot" of the clubface. The ability to do this consistently, across a complete set of clubs with a wide range of shaft lengths and clubface areas, is a key skill for any golfer, and takes a significant effort to achieve.

Mastering The Golf Swing Part 1

Mastering The Golf Swing Part 2

Mastering The Golf Swing Part 3

I hope you improve your golf swing from the audio book!

Friday, August 04, 2017

Bonsai 101 Audio Book

Bonsai (盆栽, "tray planting") is a Japanese art form using trees grown in containers. Similar practices exist in other cultures, including the Chinese tradition of penzai or penjing from which the art originated, and the miniature living landscapes of Vietnamese hòn non bộ. The Japanese tradition dates back over a thousand years.

Chapter 1: Introduction To Bonsai

Chapter 2: Basic Bonsai Care

Chapter 3: Species of Bonsai

Chapter 4: Types of Bonsai

Chapter 5: Bonsai FAQ

Hope you expand your knowledge of Bonsai from the video tutorials!