Sunday, June 11, 2017

Sources For Public Domain Posters To Print & Sell

Are you aware that the main poster in the post is in public domain. Yes, the character Rosie which was use during the world war is now copyright free. This means you can use the image to create your own product or simply sell it as poster print out. If you are not into war memorabilia, don't worry there are more than just war related posters available for you to download and reprint to sell. Check out my favourite sources to see what are available.

This site appeals to me because it has kindly categorise the files and have high resolution files for you to download. They also have a brief history of the poster so you are aware why they were produced in the first place.. Use the posters to add more visuals to your work or print them as is to resell.

This site offers a wide range of vintage graphics & images instead of just posters. There are selective pictures which are made available to be downloaded by premium membership with a fee but there should be enough free ones to get you by.

Have fun printing and remixing them!

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