Sunday, April 09, 2017

A Quick Overview of Sellfy

I thought I would cover today's post with a quick review of Sellfy which I have been using for a while and the options you have of displaying your products with their tools.

I am reviewing basic options that will come with your free accounts which allows you to host up to 5 products with up to the size of 2GB each. So, let us start to take a look on how your products and store will look like once you have uploaded your product.

Your Storefront/Profile Page

Click here to view how your profile page/store will look like. You can customize it with some text, logo and links to your social media pages/profile. You may also embed your product page on an existing website and it will look like below:

Embedding Your Products On An Existing Page
There is also an option to embed your stores and products on a facebook page.

Your Dedicated Product Page

Click here to view a sample of a sales page for your product. You have the option of adding images and links to sales video from youtube or vimeo to promote your product.

Similar to the above option of embedding your whole store on an existing site, you will also have the option to embed a single product which will look like below:

Embedding Your Product Page

Embedding Sales Button

Alternatively, you may also embed just the buy button on your own site and it will look like below:

Buy now

Instant Payment

Once you make a successful sale, the customer will pay you directly and the sellfy will deduct a percentage of the amount and any fees as a separate payment coming out of Paypal. You will receive the standard paypal notification for those two transactions.


One of the plus side of Sellfy is the reporting tool and graphs that comes with it. Below is a sample of how it looks like. As you can see, it shows you the total amount of hits/views on your products and the individual traffic sources. This allows you to have powerful insights.

What I have shared is only the tip of the iceberg on how powerful Sellfy is. There are other features like e-mail marketing, social media discounts and pay what you want feature. I am sure the team will also be building on and releasing new features. If you are from Sellfy and is reading this blogpost, please do give a shoutout!

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