Sunday, March 12, 2017

Selling Your Digital Products on Amazon

Venturing for new marketplaces to sell your products is always a good idea. I tend to try out a lot of platforms and stick with the ones that works. I also tend to use the term set and forget where sometimes sales are generated from marketplaces or stores that I have forgotten about.

One of my more recent ventures is to see the possibilities of selling digital products on Amazon and here are the list of options I have discovered.

1. Sell your product as a DVD using Kunaki to manufacture on demand. Click here for a sample product sold using this model.

2. Publish them as books or ebooks using Kindle Digital Publishing

3. Create videos and get paid when the content are streamed.

4. Sell your merchandise (T-shirt designs & etc). This is currently by invitation only.

I encourage you to try out new things and you never know what you might discover next!


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