Thursday, March 30, 2017

Free Life Insurance for a Year

I digress a bit from my usual posts. Just had a one month old baby and thought this is worth sharing. Although the payout is not huge for some, it seems like a good cover for free if you are a resident in the UK. All it takes is a couple of minutes of registering online (no credit card needed, so you don't have to worry about automatic renewal) with the provider and you get a free one year cover for £15,000. Each parent can register for up to 8 child if they meet the age criteria.

So, if you have one child and both parents register with a provider, you will get £30,000 cover and if you have two child, your joint cover can increase to £60,000.


This covers the parent for £15,000. You will need to be a parent above 18 years old and your child have not reached their 5th Birthday. This is underwritten by Legal & General and you can apply with them directly.

Post Office

This covers the parent for £15,000. This is only available to children below 4 years old. The insurance is underwritten by he Royal London Mutual Insurance Society Limited and I can't find a link to directly register with them.


This covers the parent for £15,000. Similar to Legal & General, this is only available to children below 4 years old.

After completing your registration, you will usually get an e-mail confirmation and letter sent to your home with the details. Make sure your loved ones are made well aware.

Hope you found this post useful and until next time. See ya!

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