Sunday, February 19, 2017

Selling Public Domain Products

Once in a while you might lack experience or don't know where to start with creating your first digital product. One of the simplest form is to sell public domain products.

So what is this "public domain" you are talking about?

In my own words, public domain refers to copyright free or a state of being owned by the public. This means that you are not restricted legally (no royalties or permission required) to do as you wish with works that fall within the public domain. Examples may include, publications, written books and even movies.

Can you really make money selling public domain products?

Well, Walt Disney did with their blockbuster fairy tales like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs & Cinderella to name a few.

What is the catch then?

Do be warned that copyright laws do differ in various countries and do make sure you do your research or contact an expert. It is also common for folks to just resell a public domain product as it is. I would highly recommending customizing it before reselling it on to make it unique.

Stay tuned next week where I share my favourite locations online to source public domain products that you can start selling in a wink of an eye.

Speak in a week's time!

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