Sunday, February 12, 2017

Automation is Key

Automating your sales and the whole journey of customers being able to purchase your product to the delivery is the key to a hands free online business. There are several tools that could help support this journey. I have highlighted in the pass several cost effective sites to help you with that.

But where do I start?

The most basic is the payment processing where you are able to take payment from customers and sending them their digital product once a successful payment has been made. This transaction can be fully automated with most payment providers like paypal where you provide a link to your file to be displayed after the payment is taken. Once you make your first initial setup, it will continue on generating you income on successful sales without the need for you lifting a finger.

I have set up multiple sales pages and products for sale but am not getting any traffic?

Constant flow of high quality traffic to your site is key. There are multiple sources of paid traffic that you can attempt to tap into or simply rely on free sources to promote your sales page. The old term of build and they will come is no longer valid as there are literally billions of existing sites and millions mushrooming everyday. So, the space is super competitive and will only get increasingly so.

Remember to continue experimenting as there is no one size fit all solution. If you can automate the sales and delivery of your products with a constant flow of visitors that you can convert them into successful sales, you are on your journey to success.

Till next week, enjoy what's left of your weekend!

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