Sunday, January 15, 2017

What Types of Digital Products Can I Sell?

Are you one of those who would like to start selling digital products online but am not too sure on where to start? Hope this post can get your brain juices flowing.

1) eBooks & PDF Files

- If you are a gifted writer, start by self publishing a book to be sold online. Otherwise, do explore the world of public domain and repackage the product to sell.

2) Templates

- This could be business related such as legal contracts/powerpoint presentation templates or Sewing Paterns if you are a designer or Web Templates.

3) Photos or Videos

- Why not sell your holiday shots or videos for extra cash? There is a market for freelance photographers to sells their hard work to be as stock videos or photos.

4) Tutorials

- You must be an expert in certain topic and why not start sharing your skills by recording a video tutorial. You can sell them as courses and also establish yourself as an expert in the topic. With the boom in MOOCs, people are more tuned into on demand online learning.

5) Audio Files

- This can be a perfect option to expand your existing product into such as an Audio Book. Other examples includes recorded speeches, poetry recitals and if you are into producing, your own music loops.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless. My only advise is to start with one type of product first as some variations or formats sell better than the others.

Have fun and do share the types of products you have created or if there are any other suggestions of digital products that can be sold!

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