Sunday, January 01, 2017

Top 3 Free or Low Cost Marketplaces To Sell Digital Goods For Starters

Happy New Year! Here is a quick post of my top 3 automated places to sell digital goods such as PDFs, images, stock images, templates or anything that can be digitally sent.

The sites I have listed below are basic sites that I have had generated successful sales during my trial with nearly zero marketing from my end and leveraging on their existing customer base and traffic. Hence, they are brilliant for anyone attempting to give it a go or trying to make a first sale online. The services originally do not charge an upfront fee but takes a fee or commission once a successful sale is made. This is still the case for the first in my list whereby one charges a minimal $0.95 activation fee with the last one charging a monthly subscription.

1. (Free)

I stumbled upon this service looking for a free Clickbank alternative and was impressed by the rich feature of the solution. This integrates with PayPal very well if you use it as your main payment processor and have a host of affiliates that can help promote your product better.

However, this site does not provide you with a hosted sales page. This is not the end of the world as there are many places such as blogs or free web hosts that you can use to host your sales page.

2. ($0.95 Activation Fee)

I would describe this platform as the ebay of digital goods and the site that I have been messing about with the longest. It has changed throughout the years and integrates with paypal very well. There is an upfront one off $0.95 activation fee when signing up and this only applies for each account you create. You can host up to 10GB worth of digital products or integrate it with your own hosting.

Unfortunately, the interface looks dated and most importantly your share of a successful sale are not paid to you instantly and roughly takes two to three weeks. As they hold the payment, they do issue refunds at their discretion.

3. (Free Trial or $15/month)

I was fortunate to sign up for a legacy free plan which they no longer offer but they do have a free trial at the moment.

This service integrates very swiftly with all your social media sites like twitter or facebook. It also has a very cool reporting feature on views on your product using a world map.

The downside is that the site does not have a bulk upload or bulk update feature yet but I am hopeful.

Hope the above provides a few additional options to kick start selling digital products online.

I am constantly testing out different marketplace and will link then to this post moving forward.

I look forward to hearing from your experiences on the above platform and do let me know how you get on and if you are a similar service provider, I am more than happy to review your service if you provide me with a complimentary account. Thanks!

Till next time, cheers!

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