Sunday, August 12, 2012

London Olympics Closing Ceremony

Well done to the UK for hosting a successful Olympics. Despite me following closely the scandals, I was happy with the use of technology like Youtube to share the highlights of each sports.

Olympic Mascot

I am also celebrating the fact that Malaysia took two medals home with a hard a fought match in Badminton for a near first gold medal by Dato Lee Chong Wei. A big shout out to Pandeelela for breaking several national records for delivering the first women's and diving medal. She might be also the youngest Olympian to do that for the country.

The Dutch male gymnast, Epke Zonderland performance in the high bars also deserves a mention here. Search a youtube video for it.

Back to the closing ceremony, one of my highlight of the ceremony is of course the performance of Spice Girls. Yes, I admit it that I am a fan and especially Melanie C. See their performance here of a combination of Spice Up Your Life and Wannabe.

The closing ceremony was a medley of the best of the UK music from all generation including the legends. Yea, John Lennon and Freddie Mercury made an appearance thanks to the use of technology.

I did not stay up long enough to watch the fireworks but thanks to the footage on youtube like embedded below, I am able to stream the whole closing ceremony like I did with the opening.

That's all for now. See you all in Rio in 4 years time!

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