Friday, August 03, 2012

Kissaten @ IOI Boulevard

It has become almost of a routine every time I am back home to hangout with my friends. I have known most of them in high school mainly through scouting. Johnny Low on the other hand is someone that I have grewed up with since primary school and it will indeed be a sin if I don't catch up with him every chance I get.

He recommended this Japanese place for dinner this evening which is a convenient drive for me.

After struggling to locate the facebook page of this establishment to like for a free Ice Lemon Tea, I shared a main with Song Yia which as this fussion type Pizza.


The semi finals of the Olympic badminton game was also shown on the big screen which made it a convenient topic to talk about. It ended with a high as Malaysia moves on to the finals.


Thanks again to Jessie and Johnny Low for taking time from their busy schedule to catch up.

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