Monday, July 30, 2012

The Big Day Arrives

Finally, the big day for Yoges and Chathuri arrives. The wedding was held Cinnamon Grand Colombo which was a stone throw away from where we were staying. This venue must be making a fortune on weddings as two just ended earlier and there is one happening in parallel. The day already started early for us best men as we pose for pictures for their wedding albums. I will share the pictures when they are ready.

The ceremony itself started sharp at 17.30 with traditional dancers escorting us to the main hall and stage. It was later followed by the arrival of the bride's family. The religious ceremony than started with it lasting over an hour according to memory. Below was a picture of me and the gang observing the lighting the oil lamp.


We only started eating at roughly 9.00 in the evening. The food was no doubt delicious! Well done on the menu and selection.

After several dance and laughters, the evening ended with the bride and groom exiting the venue. It was mayhem as we started throwing and spraying confetti. You can look at the damage it cost the groom in the picture below.

The final picture in the evening

So, my adventure to Sri Lanka comes to an end. It was a worthwhile trip and I am thankful for the new friends I have made. Pictures above are courtesy of my new buddies via facebook.

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