Friday, July 20, 2012

Seafood at Visaandeschelde in Amsterdam

This restaurant lived up to expectations as one of the best seafood place in Amsterdam. It was walking distance from where we live in Amsterdam and we have always wanted to give it a try and a Friday evening meal was perfect.

Here are some quick snapshots of our meal for the evening. As we went for the 3 course menu, the dishes are in sequence from starters to dessert.

Assortment Of Cucumbers and Miso Mayonaise

The starters was a combination of fish with a variety of cucumbers based sides. It included a cucumber sorbet and jelly.

Fish, Squid and Ratatouille

The main course was a fish, squid and rataouille that was served apart.

Chocolate Brownie

The chocolate brownie included a long tube of cherry jelly and chocolate crumble with gold leaves. Yummy!

I hope the pictures of the amazing dishes did justice. Besides the food, the atmosphere and courteous staff contributed to the experience. The price was also of good value working out to be around 50 Euros per head which included beer and wine.

The dinner was relaxing and a good end to a busy work week.

For more information, visit their english page at

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