Thursday, July 19, 2012

Far East Movement @ Paradiso

Dirty Bass European Tour. As part of their new album, the Asian American team have decided to grace us in Amsterdam once again with their presence. It is not the first time they have been here in Amsterdam this year but definately the first time I have seen them. Was never a huge fan of their main hit "Like A G6" but the song grew on me.

Far East Movement

They sang their hits Turn Up The Love, Rocketeer and Live Your Life among others. It was an energetic performance with an intimate crowd. They even paid tribute to Beastie Boys which apparently inspired them. There was a lot of interaction with the crowd such as showering everyone with champagne (thanks to the tall Dutch who shielded me for most) and crowd surfing by the performers.

Here is a nice picture of me and Song Yia courtesy of the good folks at An asian social community site in the Netherlands.

Far East Movement @ Paradiso

Haven't had the chance to upload the videos I captured but here are some I have found from Youtube. It is amazing that some youtubers even recorded the whole show.

Waited an hour after the show for the meet and greet but decided to abandon our efforts after it became packed.

In general, it was an amazing experience. A bit short concert as the true performance only lasted a bit over an hour. Was not to fond of the opening acts but had tons of fun.

Till next time, can't wait for my next concert in Ziggo Dome for Lady Gaga!

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