Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sintra @ Portugal

Without any expectations of Lisbon, we took a train to Sintra where it houses many wonderful castles and sights. We found out about this place through looking at pamphlets advertising day excursions here. Taking public transport here is super easy and extremely cheap!

When at Sintra, the two main superstars which are also UNESCO World Heritage Sites are as follow:

Walking through the Palace of PENA of felt like a fairy tale. Every detail of this place seems to have been carefully thought through. It is a great masterpiece.

Moorish Castle resembles the Great Wall of China somehow. It was quite a walk up the hill to reach here but the views and wind are amazing. As the Palace of Pena is on an adjacent hill, you can also enjoy a nice view of it.

Remember to buy your entrance tickets together for a better deal than each attraction individually.

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