Sunday, April 22, 2012

Madame Tussauds @ Amsterdam

Another weekend in Amsterdam.

Gave the newly refurbished Wax Museum (2nd Oldest after the one in London) a visit. Have read reviews of it before which did not necessarily attracted me. Since my family is around, it should be good fun being indoors from the pouring wet weather.

Avoided the long queue by getting advance tickets via holland pass. You should know me by now that I am a bargain hunter and it made me feel better than the others who ended up paying full price.

Once inside, it was great fun as we were free roam and take our time snapping away. Well here are some of the pictures I took of the ladies.

Me Inspecting J.Lo

I Was Born This Way

The Late Princess Diana

This is nothing compared to the one in London as I can recall but was certainly less crowded. There are also Dutch celebrities which of only one I know, Dj Tiesto.

For more information of this venue, click here to visit their official website for further details. Buy tickets online for a better price and get fast track to cut the queue.

Well, that's all for a quick post!

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