Monday, January 23, 2012

Body Worlds @ Amsterdam

Saw the poster on a billboard on the way to the city center and instantly convinced Song Yia that we will give Body Worlds a visit together with my dad when he arrives. I first heard about Body Worlds from the TV whereby real human body were used almost art. This later extended to include animals and etc.

There are several exhibitions travelling the world and this one is called "The Story of The Heart".

We were not allowed to take pictures at the venue which explains the absence of any picture that I can share but here is a video of youtube that I can find of the TV Advertisment in dutch that was running in parallel to the exhibition.

It was definately an educational trip. One of the exhibits I like was the set that appeared in one of the James Bond movies.

What I learned from this exhibition is two main things.

1) Heart related diseases are the number 1 killer
2) The method called Plastination which is used on the exhibits


Visit their official website to find when they are next in a town near to you.