Sunday, January 09, 2011

Get Free Domain Names

It has been a while since I scout around the internet for free domain names without any ads. I was driven to do so recently for a development website that I was working on.

Well, I found the following extensions being available that is worth sharing: - I recommend this!

This is run by a Korean company and a quick search on the web seems to indicate that they are the largest provider of free domain names. Everyone is entitled to two free domain names for personal use. Commercial use is only free for the first year and requires a renewal fee of USD3.00/year. If you require more than 2 domain names, you can simply donate USD 10.00 via paypal and receive another 100 domain names to register. The discount increases with the donation you offer. There are selected premium or as they call it, top names which are available for a fee which ranges from USD 3.00 onwards per year. Visit their website to find out more.

A sample website with this domain name is Since it is selling graphics, it will obviously have to pay the renewal fee next year!

This extension is run by a company based in Czech Republic called the dotFree Group. This website offers you 5 free domain names and similarly to the above, you can register up to 150 domain names with a donation of USD 9.99. All domain names here are provided for free unlike the above competitor. I would recommend registering for two years in a row each time to avoid your domain being deleted.

There are also additional features such as SSL Certificates that you may purchase with your credits. You can earn credits through refferals, completing surveys or visiting websites.

A sample website that I have with this domain name is This domain name will remain free for me and I have to do is keep renewing it.

One thing to note about is that Facebook does not recognize it as a domain name. You will not be able to share the link or post your domain name on facebook for some odd reason. Co.CC on the other hand, does not have this issue.

I registered my first free domain name with this organisation, the website is

Other free domain names.

.mp - For linking all your social network pages. My page is at - Another popular provider but your account can be deleted if you do not login after a pre-defined period

Last but not least, you pay for what you get. I am not sure what guarantees they offer and what will happen when they go bust or if they are planning to charge higher for the names in the future. If you are thinking long term and would really want to own your domain name directly, it is always better to get an establish domain name with a reputable provider.

Also, if you require hosting, always do consider!

Enjoy the remaining of your weekend!

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