Sunday, June 13, 2010

2010 London Naked Bike Ride

This is part of the World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR) which is a campaign a to put a stop to the indecent exposure of people and the planet to cars and the pollution they create. At least that is what the website says. However, based on conversations that day, there were groups that were there to campaign against the dependency of petrol and also celebrating humanity.

The Press That Bares It All

London happens to be one of the major cities participating in this global event and I can see it growing in the upcoming years as there are many other UK cities participating. This years turnout was a success according to the press with thousands navigating through the streets of london and other major cities.

Other countries where such rides are organised includes Australia, Netherlands, Belgium, America, Canada and Hungary. If you are interested, check out their website as it may be occuring in your hometown.

Anyone with a bike can participate and you don't have to bare all. Do what you are comfortable with as they have a Bare As You Dare policy. It is common for the participants to paint their body with messages.

Naked Chicks Dress As Mexican Bandits

As I was in the starting point of the event, I felt uncomfortable when everyone started to undress around me. A bit of a culture shock but it is always healthly to be out of your comfort zone once in a while. They all felt so confident, comfortable and did not mind people taking pictures and some even encouraged it. Look at the picture below, she draw attention to herself first.

I Am Not Shy

I have to salute the participants for bearing it all. Not something that I am prepared to do. Some went all out with elaborate head gears, body paint and costumes.

Naked Biker Chick

If you need more info of this event, click here for the UK mini site.

As a conclusion, this is a surefire way to gather interests and spread a message. It would be things such as my blog post and word of mouth that would create the awareness of this campaign. As for will I change my ways after being there. I am proud to say I don't use a car when I am in the UK and rely on public transport all the time. It is a different story when I am back in Malaysia occassionally :). Well that's all for this weekend. I will be away in Amsterdam for work the whole of next week. Take care!

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