Saturday, May 01, 2010

Aylesbury Becomes A Ghost Town

Happy Labour Day everyone! Unfortunately, there is no day trips today due to a peaceful demonstration in the town center. Public transports are not running full service due to this.

Check out the Market Square in the morning where the town center looks dead. I pity the local businesses.

This was the picture I took using my Blackberry during my visit to the town center on Thursday evening. The lions have been boxed up to protect them from vandalism I guess.

There were sounds of helicopters hovering on top of my apartment all day which I believe was due to the close proximity to the town center which made it a good spot to capture footage. I was following the status of the march using twitter which was updated by citizen journalists, the local paper and the police. The whole event ended with a little bit of violence.

Both video recordings were produced by the Thames Valley Police which did a great job in maintaining the peace.

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