Monday, July 05, 2010

Summer Has Arrived!

This was at my desk this morning. After weeks of being away in Amsterdam, it is a nice surprise.

It is done as part of a the launch of a new set of packaging and caught all office based staff by surprise.

If it is unclear, it is a beach towel from M&S with some candy tied with blue coloured straw. The cupcake had golden glitters on it. It was too sweet for my liking but did give me the sugar rush boost I needed.

The office also transformed the breakout area for summer with deck chairs on the balcony. I will spending more time there now next to the fridge for my iced cold coca-cola.

Should be a good start to summer!

Till my next post take care!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

2010 London Naked Bike Ride

This is part of the World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR) which is a campaign a to put a stop to the indecent exposure of people and the planet to cars and the pollution they create. At least that is what the website says. However, based on conversations that day, there were groups that were there to campaign against the dependency of petrol and also celebrating humanity.

The Press That Bares It All

London happens to be one of the major cities participating in this global event and I can see it growing in the upcoming years as there are many other UK cities participating. This years turnout was a success according to the press with thousands navigating through the streets of london and other major cities.

Other countries where such rides are organised includes Australia, Netherlands, Belgium, America, Canada and Hungary. If you are interested, check out their website as it may be occuring in your hometown.

Anyone with a bike can participate and you don't have to bare all. Do what you are comfortable with as they have a Bare As You Dare policy. It is common for the participants to paint their body with messages.

Naked Chicks Dress As Mexican Bandits

As I was in the starting point of the event, I felt uncomfortable when everyone started to undress around me. A bit of a culture shock but it is always healthly to be out of your comfort zone once in a while. They all felt so confident, comfortable and did not mind people taking pictures and some even encouraged it. Look at the picture below, she draw attention to herself first.

I Am Not Shy

I have to salute the participants for bearing it all. Not something that I am prepared to do. Some went all out with elaborate head gears, body paint and costumes.

Naked Biker Chick

If you need more info of this event, click here for the UK mini site.

As a conclusion, this is a surefire way to gather interests and spread a message. It would be things such as my blog post and word of mouth that would create the awareness of this campaign. As for will I change my ways after being there. I am proud to say I don't use a car when I am in the UK and rely on public transport all the time. It is a different story when I am back in Malaysia occassionally :). Well that's all for this weekend. I will be away in Amsterdam for work the whole of next week. Take care!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Thai Buddhist Temple In London

Buddhapadipada Thai Temple

It has been weeks since I ventured out during the weekend and I had many reasons to go to London, so I force myself out to visit a Thai Buddhist Temple in Wimbledon. Buddhapadipada Thai Temple is the first Thai Temple in the United Kingdom.

Buddhapadipada Thai Temple

I got to know about this place from an episode of Gordon Ramsay's show of best local restaurants competition. In one of the episodes, it was Thai food.

Buddhapadipada Thai Temple

I did not take any pictures inside the main shrine as a sign of respect. The next time you are here, please pay close attention to the detailed murals on the walls and ceilings. You will see a Thai Airways flight and I believe Vincent Van Gogh.

The grounds boasts a meditation garden and also cabins to house classes.

Buddhapadipada Thai Temple

I did not see any monks around as I was hoping to get some holy water blessing.

Buddhapadipada Thai Temple

If you wish to visit this place, all you need to do is get yourself to Wimbledon Station which is one of the many last stops on the District Line. From there you can take bus 93 and alight at Parkside Avenue. It is a very short walk then to Callone Road where the temple is. There are quite a lot of signs.

There was a signal failure when I arrive and I have to alight at Wimbledon Park instead. It took me roughly 30 mins by foot from here.

Till my next post! Take care...

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Eurovision 2010

I am watching this in the comfort of my living room. My favourite act so far is from Turkey, a band called maNga.

Last year, I was watching this in Hamburg together with my colleagues and the year before in Southampton with me exchanging messages with Song Yia on msn judging the acts. This shows how fast time flies.

The Eurovision song contest is now in its 55th year! It was the platform that launched the career for Abba when they won for Sweden. Every year, European countries would be represented by a music act to battle for the crown. The winners are based on votes and you can't vote for your home country. (That's the rules!) The winning country gets to host the following years event. It is the largest live music event shown with over 120 million viewers.

This years highlight included a stage crasher during Spain's performance which granted Spain another opportunity to perform again after the final 25th act. France and Germany had upbeat tunes while Iceland and Ireland had standing ovations.

The show's most iconic part with almost a cult status is the results announcement section in the end. Each country eligible to vote in this event will have their mini slot announcing the results of their local vote. It is also interesting to see that neighbouring countries will often vote for each other. (eg. UK voting for Ireland). Will be interesting to see who will grab this year's glory.

Being nostalgic again, the first time I ever I heard about Eurovision was when Ruslana of Ukraine won with the following upbeat tune in 2004. Still a good performance in my records.

Well, enough for this time while I continue watching the remainder of the show.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Picnic Basket

My lucky day, I won this gift basket in a lucky draw after successfully answering two questions correctly in an office competition! It was in conjunction with a new packaging launch. Yipee! Thought of sharing my luck and celebrating it with a blog post!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Buddha Birthday 2010 London

Two weeks ahead of the actual celebrations and I have lost count of the times I was fortunate to be here to witness the proceedings. However, this year was extra special as I followed the mini procession from Leicester Square into Chinatown and back.

If you are curios what this event is all about, here is the link to Wikipedia.

Here are some pics of the event worth sharing.

Lion Dance
The Lion Dance Lead The Procession

Wesak Day London 2010
The Chariot

Wesak Day London 2010
Main Banner

Leicester Square
The Queue To Bath Baby Buddha

Here is my post back in 2008 and 2007 of the same event!

Thursday, May 06, 2010


As my parents are in town, I decided to spend the night in London. What better way to make their visit memorable by watching one of West End's many performances. I decided to go for Stomp which was a performance that I have always wanted to watch since I was in University.


Stomp is a show of rhythm, comedy and dance using everyday household items such as a box of matches, lighters, brooms, kitchen sink, tubes, pots and pans.

To show you what I mean, the below video is their opening act using brooms and I believe was extracted from their DVD.

One of the highlights was that the stage at the Ambassadors Theatre has a sign stating Penang Street. Penang is of course my hometown!

I highly recommend Stomp because it is easy to follow with no plot or heavy conversations. It made my evening!

Click here to find out more about Stomp.

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Aylesbury Becomes A Ghost Town

Happy Labour Day everyone! Unfortunately, there is no day trips today due to a peaceful demonstration in the town center. Public transports are not running full service due to this.

Check out the Market Square in the morning where the town center looks dead. I pity the local businesses.

This was the picture I took using my Blackberry during my visit to the town center on Thursday evening. The lions have been boxed up to protect them from vandalism I guess.

There were sounds of helicopters hovering on top of my apartment all day which I believe was due to the close proximity to the town center which made it a good spot to capture footage. I was following the status of the march using twitter which was updated by citizen journalists, the local paper and the police. The whole event ended with a little bit of violence.

Both video recordings were produced by the Thames Valley Police which did a great job in maintaining the peace.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Oxford Day Trip

This is probably the place I frequented most after I moved into Aylesbury roughly 8 months ago. It is a value for money day out as the bus fare is only 5.50 return and the journey a little over an hour.

Oxford is the home to the oldest English speaking University that is now over 800 years old. Imagine the amount of scholars or graduates that has walked through the cities as students and then went on to the change the world or achieve greater heights. Click here for a list of famous Oxonians.

I decided to be a tourist today and here are some of the snap shots I took of the attractions in Oxford.

Carfax Tower
Carfax Tower- The centre of Oxford City

Bodleian Library
Bodleian Library

University Museum of Natural History
University Museum Of Natural History - My Favourite!

The Museum Of Natural History was my favourite as it houses a large collection of Dinosaur bones. Anything with Dinosaurs are sure winners!

University Museum of Natural History

University Museum of Natural History

Radcliffe Camera
Radcliffe Camera - It houses the Radcliffe Science Library.

Museum Of Oxford
Museum Of Oxford

There are several operators that run hourly buses/luxury coach between Oxford and London such as OxfordTube.

Visit the official tourist site to download a printable map or discover more details before your trip!

I was also sad to find out that one of my favourite Oxford attraction, The Oxford Story has closed down in 2007. It was an animated ride that tells you the rich history of Oxford. Apparently, it was too expensive to refurbished. Sad...

Oh well, I am once again glad that I took a day out exploring as it would have been a great waste as the weather was near perfection.

Till my next day trip... take care!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Birmingham Day Trip

Today, I decided to reward myself with a day trip up to Birmingham from Aylesbury. (Chiltern Railways operate trains from London Marylebone, From Aylesbury, you have to switch in Princes Risborough) I took the train and although the journey took two hours each way. I figured I could catch up with my reading on board the train which I
have indeed. Built to last by Jim Collins completed during the trip. I read Good To Great last time as the organisation that I use to work for almost used it as a bible.

Well, I arrived at Moor Street station and begin my adventure at the Bull Ring shopping center. This is where the tourist center is located at. Equiped with the map I got from here, I started roaming freely.


Birmingham Cathedral

I headed first to the cathedral and then followed by Victoria Square. The open space was grand. As the sun was up, there were crowds of people lazing around and soaking up the rays.

Victoria Square

Just a stone throw away is the library, museum and art gallery. All free to enter. The museum and gallery had a pretty impressive collection. This are two of my favourite sculptures I discovered. See the contrasts?

St Lucifer


Well, after the museum, I took a stroll to the markets. It is basically a combination of open air and a few huge airplane hangars with a variety of stalls selling almost everything.



Birmingham Market

Also nearby is the chinese quarters, the local chinatown.

Chinese Quarters

Birmingham as a city has a lot to offer. I wouldn't mind living here.

I did not visit the jewellery quarters or the canals. I plan to cover those upon my return here to visit Cadbury World.

For more information and maps, visit their official tourism website.

Well, that's all for now. Till my next post. Take care.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Hell Fire Caves High Wycombe

A day trip to High Wycombe by train to visit Hell Fire Caves. I was told about this location by a colleague when I first arrived to Aylesbury as a nearby tourist attraction.

The man made chalk caves were indeed unique and have loads of tales and myths. It is a collection of interconnected caves and chambers.

Hell Fire Cave
The Entrance

The tourist attraction was made famous by the recordings of two ghost hunting shows as there are two resident ghosts here. The most famous one is Suki, the female bride ghost. Benjamin Franklin was also believed to have come here when he was a child.


After the caves, we took a hike up the hill where the Church Of St Lawrence and The Dashwood Mausoleum (pic above) was. Due to its hill top location, it was visible during my train ride here.

I would recommend this as a good day out but make sure you have other activities planned such as a visit to the town center or this trip can be quickly over. I visited using the 2 for 1 voucher from Network Rail which reduced the entry price to 2.50 per person.

For more information, visit their official website.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

New Website Logo
The site is finally up and in a presentable state. Took me two weekends because I wanted to make sure the site is running on Wordpress. I experimented on Joomla a while ago but I am more familiar with Wordpress. Visit the page now at and let me know what you think. I still have bigger plans for the site but it will need to be parked aside until I complete the revamp of my other pages including my personal blog. I will be off to Dublin in the next two days. Till next post, take care guys.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Number One Enemy - Daisy Dares

Alice in wonderland inspired video clip. Quite a catchy pop tune... Enjoy your weekend peeps!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Flipping My First Site at

Greetings Everyone,

It has been ages since my last post. I have been tied up with several side projects. One of the items that I managed to clear out is to have an attempt at site flipping. For this purpose, I have decided to use the services of and listing the below site for 7 days on auction!

I will wait till the end of the whole process to review the site. You can take a peek of the site's progress from the live status provided below:


Enjoy your weekend!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Bareno Run 2010

Today is the last day of my one month trip back home and thanks to my dearest Song Yia, it was ended with the accomplishment of completing my first 10KM run at Bukit Jalil around my old apartment and workplace. I finished at just over an hour and am not sure when my next run is going to be but this will not be my last.

Here is a pic of us with our completion medals...

[caption id="attachment_984" align="aligncenter" width="427" caption="With Our Completion Medals"]Winners![/caption]

The event kicked off on time and the route had a few challenging uphill climbs. I will sore on the flight back tonight and probably even more in the office tomorrow morning...

Till my next post... goodbye...

Friday, March 12, 2010

Street Smart At Quattro KL

I was fortunate to be back in KL for GSD's Annual Dinner Celebration. The theme of the event was Street Smart and this was our attempt for the evening. It was an enjoyable evening indeed and Quattro was a perfect place to host the event.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I Hate Snow

That is what I saw scribbled in snow on the front of a car. When I woke up this morning, I could see the owner warming up the engine. After breakfast, I took a peak at the balcony and saw that he has abandone his effort. Apparently the driver has given up as the snow became heavier. Oh Well. Am attempting to head to work as normal but am hoping the snow fall will be lighter before I head off.

Well, only less than 5 weeks before I return to sunny Malaysia. Can't wait!

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Snowing In Aylesbury

After hearing the people in the office talking about severe weather warnings, it came in full force after I got home. Will try and take a picture while walking to work tomorrow to show the full scale of the weather impact! Below are pics from my apartment window.



I am freezing here!

Friday, January 01, 2010

2010 London New Year Parade

I attended this years parade anticipating to see huge balloons like the below but not even one made an appearance. Where have they all deflated to?


However, this year's event was no short of a crowd, marching bands and cheerleaders. Here is a taster of what is was like (apologies for the single repeating picture from 2004, unsure how to get rid of it from the embedded gallery feature)


Despite the crowd, it was still cold and we left towards the end of the 3 hour long parade that started at noon.

Click here to view the pictures that I have uploaded on my facebook account.

If you want to get a copy of the event on DVD or further details of the upcoming ones, visit the official website.