Friday, December 11, 2009

Wine Tasting At Vinopolis

Two Beers, Nine Wines and Two Gins was what we had at Vinopolis! It was great to be back at Vinopolis after being here during my University days for the LEAP Awards.

Here are some pics of the experience!


The day started with a session on how to taste wine! The speaker talked us through the senses to be applied while tasting wine. After the session, you are free to roam around and venture into tasting rooms whereby the wines are displayed along with the price tag and flag from where it is from. Like anyone who is clueless about wine, I aimed for those with a higher price tag but soon learnt that is a flawed way to select wine. You are also provided a notebook to scribble down the wines you have tasted.

There are several wine tours available at Vinopolis which gives you a variations of drinks to taste which includes Champagne and Whisky.

The experience is available as a 2 for 1 if you travel by train to London. Further information about the venue is available at their official website.

It is a great day spent and it can get busier after work hours so it is best to visit during midday to avoid the crowd.

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