Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year Countdown At London Eye

My third time enjoying this and the crowd is growing year on year, the past countdowns were to welcome in 2004 (I found embarassing videos) and 2005 if I am not mistaken.

I felt as if I just attended the countdown in Hamburg yesterday or even waiting at Taman Titiwangsa for my first Hot Air Balloon ride before it got cancelled due to bad weather (thanks got we got our ride, sorry Angie and JS if you are reading this!)

Here are the crowds building up towards the event. It was absolutely packed during the countdown.


The countdown was by the river thames and the Shell building next to the London Eye acted as a screen where digital numbers appear to start the countdown at from 60 seconds to midnight. The fireworks display was nothing short of amazing. Here is a video of the event as shown to the world by BBC.

It was quite magical in London when it started snowing a bit after the countdown.

Here is crowd control for you! Green Park station jam packed!


We walked all the way from the river banks to the station to head back to Earls Court where our Hotel was.

Will attend the London New Year Parade in a couple of hours. Can't wait!

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