Monday, November 23, 2009

Christmas Lights At Oxford Street

The time of the year is nearing. I spent the day in the London office before heading to a Temple near to Oxford Street. Surprised to hear that? Well, I have been dropping by here since 2004 when I came to study in London. They do all the celebrations including Wesak.

Well, back to the lights at Oxford Street. This year's themed was based on the Walt Disney's A Christmas Carol movie. (sorry for the blurry picture at the bottom, taken from a shivering hand in the cold using a blackberry) There seems to be an animated theme going on as the previous years included Ice Age and The Incredibles.

London Christmas Lights

Talking about the movie, have you seen the poster? It freaks the hell out of me.


Although the animators have spent hours perfecting every single wrinkle on the Jim Carrey voiced character, I wouldn't even give the poster a second look. How do you expect kids to watch such things. I bet there would be kids haunted by this image of an old man in pyjamas for the rest of their lives. Well, probably not as bad but the image of the Mr Scrouge is stuck in my head right now. Here is the trailer with Mr Scrouge and his glorious wrinkles...

While I was in the city, I managed to get my haircut as well in Chinatown. My head feels instantly lighter. Probably shed half a ton just like that. Managed to speak hokkien (Chinese Dialect) to her as she is from a neighbouring state, Kedah in Malaysia. She told me she has been in the UK since 1998 after graduating high school. I told her I have only been here 2 months to cut the conversation on my end short.

Well, it will be just around two more weeks before Song Yia drops by Aylesbury and I can't wait. Should have more pictures and interesting posts by then.

Till next time, take care!

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