Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Aylesbury Christmas Lights

Aylesbury Vale - A Great Place To Grow... In case you can't read the lights in the background.

Christmas Lights

Was in town center today thanks to Angie Li for informing me about the event. She has made a joint blog post as well.

As part of my on going initiative of integrating with the local community, I decided to be an active supporter of such occassions. Wandered into the town square where a stage has been setup with a band singing "Ladies Night" and a there was quite an impressive gathering. Never thought the town would ever be this crowded.

Had dinner at a local pub and missed the turning on of the lights but it went on so discreetly that we hardly even noticed. Witnessed a brawl on the streets and in typical Malaysian behaviour, tried to take a peek but gave up after having restricted view from the pub window.

Was 9.30 p.m. when I decided to leave and all the stalls were gone. The stage was being taken apart but I thought the party just started! Well, I was later informed by a colleague that the event was a family event (more for kids though!)

It was certainly a nice evening out after a stressful week!

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