Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Nite In Dublin

Finally got my internet connection a couple of days ago and I am on the road again. This time I am in the lovely Ireland capital, Dublin. It was an early day for me today but well worth it. Flew on Aer Lingus for the first time and was lucky to not have an companions on each sides of my seat. So I have the entire row of three seats to myself.

Back in the UK, I have managed to settle in well in my new "home away from home". (You get what I mean!) in Aylesbury. The weather is getting much colder now but I think I could survive the winter this year. Am not a big fan of dark, wet and cold days but think I could brave it all.

Have been pretty ambitious with what I intend to achieve during my time here and believe I am making much progress. Will be tougher days ahead but can't wait for the results of my learnings.

Oh well, just decided I should blog a bit while I had a spare minute. Will be off to bed shortly I guess. So, that's all for now. Till my next post, take care.