Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Last Day Of The European Getaway!

Today is officially the last day of my nearly two weeks getaway. This journey have brought me from Dresden, Germany and ending up in London. I will be updating my blog in the next few days once I have settled back in Hamburg. I am currently blogging courtesy of the Apple Store in Regent Street, London on a Mac Book air.

London will always hold a special place in my heart as I have quite a few exciting moments here during the days when I first arrived s a student to the time I spent working out of Southampton.

The weather doesn't look promising at the moment which is something you can always count on in London. ; )

Well, I have a few more hours to kill before making my way to stansted to catch the last flight back to Hamburg.

Take care and wait up for my back log of posts which will include The Church Of Bones in Kutna Hora, Czech Republic; Lucerne and Mount Rigi, Switzerland and Meissen, Germany.

Well, that's all folks for the moment and don't let me deprive other people from using this free internet access.


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