Sunday, April 05, 2009

Carlsberg Visitor Center

A Sunday in Copenhagen and with most shops shut, it couldn't have been a better choice to take a trip to the Carlsberg Visitor Center.

Unlike the Heineken Experience in Amsterdam and The Guiness Storehouse in Ireland, the Carlsberg visitor center is much more low profile. It has recently been renovated in 2005 and now it boasts an exhibition floor of over 10,000 square meters to the art of brewery and also its rich history.


The Grand Elephants At The Gates Within The Carlsberg Brewery

If you take a walk from the train station, you might pass through the Elephant Gates with two grand elephants on each side. They have an uncanny resemblance to the entrance of the Berlin Zoo.


The Portfolio Of Carlsberg Owned Brands

Carlsberg was founded by J.C. Jacobsen in 1847 and named it after his son Carl and the hill on which it was built. (Berg is hill in German). As you walk in the visitors center, one of the first displays is the largest collection (18,634!!!) of Beer bottles in the world which is endorsed by the Guiness Book Of Records since 1968. The rest of the tour is a self guided one with many interactive displays.


Messing With A Display

The JC Jacobsen family have contributed many things to the city of Copenhagen which includes a gallery and many monuments. One of it has even become a symbol of the City, the Mermaid.


Miniature Mermaid Statue Which Became A Copenhagen Symbol

The entry ticket also entitles you to two complimentary drinks at the bar. With so many to select from, you can kindly ask to try them first which I think the bar tender will be more than happy to allow if there is not a big crowd. I suggest you try the Jacobsen limited range which is not widely available as the rest.


Enjoying Carlsberg In The Bar

I highly recommend anyone in Copenhagen to spend about 2-3 hours by dropping by here. It has a much intimate setting than the Guiness and Heineken brewery maybe because of its lack of popularity. Go to their official Visitors Center homepage at for further information!

TIP: If you are coming from the city center, there is a direct bus which drops you off at the entrance instead of having to take a long walk from the station!

Watch out for my upcoming post of my other adventures!


Benny Ong

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