Sunday, April 19, 2009

Call Me Tail Sniffer

Here I am in abbensen, hannover a week after the easter hash . The event
was the first ever hamburg hash. We camped in the YMCA hostel/camp site and
shared a cabin with a few others.

Yup, That Spells YMCA

As I have been hashing for a fairly short while, I was finally baptist and
given a hash name of tail sniffer. Yups, it is tradition and custom for
hashers to be given and only known by their hash names throughout each run.
A baptist typically involves being showered with flour and sprayed with
beer. The mixture can most certainly find its way to stay lumpy on your
hair. The tip to get rid of it as quickly was to wash it off with cold
water which obviously I did not as it was too cold in the evening. I ended
up with a night of sleeping with lumps of dried flour all over my body, I
still manage to was most of it with cold water the next morning.

In Front Of Our Cabin

The reason behind the name was because I was always trailing behind song
yia and she was wearing a top with a elaborated straps on the back that
once tied together looked like a tail danggling down.

The other attendees includes shitty tails, done on the run, cindy bear,
limbo lady, hippity hop, queen of shots and knickerless.

Posing During One Of Our Runs

The event throughout the week include a torchlight run through the forest
in the evening, a long run the day after and finally a hang over run on
sunday morning to end the weekend getaway.

We had a chance to have barbeque pork and sausages for one of the dinner
which was just simply amazing.

And as any hash events, the beer was just flowing throughout the weekend.

I enjoyed my time hashing here and am looking forward to the next one.


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