Sunday, April 12, 2009


On the journey back to Hamburg from Osnabruck, we stopped by Bremen. Although it was public holiday, this place seems to be lively and very scenic.

If you are arriving by train, the tourist information center has loads to offer including a decent map and the short walk to the city center takes you through a few key sights.

Look at what I manage to get from my trigger happy moments.

Nope, we are not in the Netherlands. This scene welcomes you as we venture into the city.

This is probably the most famous bunch of residents in Bremen. A rooster on top of a cat followed by a dog, cat and a donkey on the bottom. It has become the symbol of Bremen and there is fairy tale that goes along it.

The statue of Roland.

Random Statue Of Pigs

In summary, this place is a must see and a great for a day trip.

P/S: Hamburgers have a saying whereby the best thing in Bremen is the road to Hamburg which I find very amusing. They have an on going rival although they are next to each other.

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