Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Postdam City Of Emperors

The City Of Emperors: Postdam is the city of German Kaisers which housed their infamous army and also home to their most stunning and elegant palaces. It has always been hidden behind the Iron Curtain on the communist side of the Berlin Wall. It has only been accessible in the past 20 years.

Despite being under the communist ruling, the city is well kept in shape with its buildings properly maintained. It is easy to get here if you are in Berlin with the S7 train using an ABC card which covers all the transportation you need. When you arrive at Postdam Central Station, just hop onto bus 695 which will take you to all the tourist spots.

We passed through all the main attractions but spent more time at the Sanssouci Park where I would highly recommend you to do so. Here are the fruits of our camera trigger happy efforts:

Close Up Of Sanssouci Palace With My Mom

View Of Sanssouci Palace From The Park

The New Palace Within Sanssouci Park

As a summary, the Sanssouci Palace and Park reminded me of the Grand Palace in Austria. Maybe this was because there is a massive garden in front of the palace. It also worth mentioning that it is a UNESCO Heritage site.

I did not spend much time walking around the city other than to see it from the bus ride. It a must see if you ever drop by in Berlin. Their tourism board maintains a very good website that offers an amazing map that you can print. Click here to visit their page.

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Pete said...

Did you go see the Cecilienhof Palace? It's where the Potsdam Conference took place in 1945. This is what it looked like 60 years ago: