Thursday, March 12, 2009 Free Online Photo Editor

Forget the days whereby you have to purchase licenses or having to install applications on your machine. The future is here! Pixlr is a fully online based image editor that works like a pro. No Installation Required!

Similar to the web based applications that Google have been offering, this application is beyond my expectations. It truly brings it to another level!

It allows you to edit images from your desktop or hard drive fairly quickly without having to upload it to their servers. When you start up the program, it does a check in the background to ensure you have all the necessary files installed in the background (eg. Java). Once everything is ok, you are ready to edit like a pro.

It has all the basic features of what you can expect from a professional image editor (I am not talking about Microsoft Paint but the likes of GIMP, CS Fireworks and even Photoshop)

I tried it over a fairly adequate internet connection and I can’t complain. As I have only used it twice, I can really spot any downside to it other than requiring an internet connection. I will update as I come across them.

This leads me to question what is next? The internet never seems to disappoint me!


Benny Ong

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