Sunday, March 15, 2009

Freiburg – The Black Forest

The trip to the land of the Cuckoo clocks and also the famous Black Forest cake.

It is not called the Black Forest for no reason. Somehow the forest does seem to have a darker shade which I only realised after being pointed out by a local which was sharing the same cabin on the ICE train as us.

We took an early train from the city of Hamburg with a journey lasting roughly six hours to the central station. Thankfully, we were staying in InterCity Hotel which building was attached to the station. Nearly no effort at all in locating the hotel when we arrived. Apparently all InterCity Hotel are located within walking distance of the main stations. Your stay also includes a complimentary all day local transportation pass.

We wasted no time and went into the City Center to see the sights and sounds on offer. It was indeed no disappointment when we arrive at the main square and even decided to join the queue for the famous sausages. It was recommended to us by our felow friend we met in the cabin.

Another place worth mentioning is Micros which is located centrally. It sells Swiss Chocolate at an affordable price. As Switzerland happens to only be about an hour away by train, a lot of the Swiss made products are available here.

Here are some of the pics of Freiburg courtesy of Joe

Me In The Queue For Sausages

Walking In Front Of The City Hall (Notice The Open Drain, It Flows Constantly Throughout The City Center)

Meant To Take The Cable Car Here To The Highest Peak But Walked All The Way Up Instead Because The Cable Car Was Under Maintenance

Making Our Descent On The Highest Peak In Freiburg

Sorry for a short blog but I decided to clear my back log of posts fairly quickly.

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