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CeBIT 2009 Hannover Germany

So I have arrived at CeBIT 2009 in Hannover. I woke up early today in order to catch the train in time for the start of the Convention. The journey from Hamburg took a little close to 3 hours on a more economical route. I went on complimentary tickets courtesy of my boss.

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The Evidence Shot with the CeBIT logo in the background

The moment we got there, we were welcomed with two gentlemen on stilts distributing goodie bags from Norton Security. There were heaps other giving away brochures and magazines. The downside is that they were all in German with minimal literature in English.

The tickets at CeBIT are those that require registering online before attending. After validating the tickets and going through the barriers, I was excited to see what was on offer this year.

If I recall correctly, there were more than 20 halls being used for this event and they are carefully split into several categories such as IT Infrastructure, Webciety, IT Security, Green IT and the list goes on. The location reminded me of a large factory ground. It was indeed a workout moving from one hall to the other. The halls are sometimes separate building and there were shuttle services running through each building.

I played with a technology which allowed someone to hold up a 2D image of a product and be able to see a projection of it on screen in 3D. It was displayed within the Microsoft area by a business partner. Apparently the technology is already being used by Toys ‘R’ Us for LEGO.

German giants such as T-Systems and SAP made their presence really felt in their home ground. Their display was very grand and in scales I have never seen before.

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IBM however takes the trophy for the best display with their solutions and services carefully categorized. They also feature a grand presentation of cloud computing in an art form itself. Not the best video capture but it gives you a good example of what I am referring to.

Another perk of attending such events are the freebies you can collect. Although they will end up collecting dust anyways, it is a novelty. My favourite catch of the event was a collection of carrier bags which will help me a lot on my next trip to the supermarket. The most pointless gift was a blow up boxing glove.

The asians were not left out as there sections for Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and Korea.

As it is my first CeBIT, I never knew how it was compared to the previous ones. However, it was apparent that there were gaps on floor space in certain Halls. Big players such as HP were nowhere to be seen this year.

Signing off!

Benny Ong

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