Tuesday, March 31, 2009

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Benny Ong

The Berlin Wall

It is near to the 20th Anniversary since the historic wall came down and I decide to do a tribute post.

I visited Berlin ages ago during my days working in the UK for H&M but never visited the East Side Gallery where the longest part of the wall still remains. Here are some of the camera whoring I manage to do throughout my slow walk with my sister, Adeline.


East Side Gallery


1989: The year the wall came tumbling down.

A common stunt in trying to get accross to the other side.

Trying to bring the wall down by myself. No where near moving an inch.

Another set of iconic murals.



There were segments of the wall which is being restored during my visit which I believe is part of an upcoming celebration maybe? Regardless, the wall is a must see when you are in Berlin.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Postdam City Of Emperors

The City Of Emperors: Postdam is the city of German Kaisers which housed their infamous army and also home to their most stunning and elegant palaces. It has always been hidden behind the Iron Curtain on the communist side of the Berlin Wall. It has only been accessible in the past 20 years.

Despite being under the communist ruling, the city is well kept in shape with its buildings properly maintained. It is easy to get here if you are in Berlin with the S7 train using an ABC card which covers all the transportation you need. When you arrive at Postdam Central Station, just hop onto bus 695 which will take you to all the tourist spots.

We passed through all the main attractions but spent more time at the Sanssouci Park where I would highly recommend you to do so. Here are the fruits of our camera trigger happy efforts:

Close Up Of Sanssouci Palace With My Mom

View Of Sanssouci Palace From The Park

The New Palace Within Sanssouci Park

As a summary, the Sanssouci Palace and Park reminded me of the Grand Palace in Austria. Maybe this was because there is a massive garden in front of the palace. It also worth mentioning that it is a UNESCO Heritage site.

I did not spend much time walking around the city other than to see it from the bus ride. It a must see if you ever drop by in Berlin. Their tourism board maintains a very good website that offers an amazing map that you can print. Click here to visit their page.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


This is a holiday resort which we sneakily squeeze in. The name of the place can be broken down as Tit I See which only someone as cheeky as Gajana can realise. The place is full of snow which is first for me to see at this time of the year. The temperature did not feel as cold as Hamburg though although the presence of snow can indicate otherwise.

There were many stores selling their antique Cuckoo Clocks but most of them came from the same factory. Although it is hand made and mechanical, the similar designs made it looked like it came out of a manufacturing line with no uniqueness. I came with the mindset of getting one but after viewing how common and alike they were, I decided not to get them. A mechanical clock can cost from Euro 99 up to 400 depending on the size and the supporting mechanisms.

Here are some further snapshots I manage to harvest courtesy of Joe’s camera:

Feeding A Duck Near The Lake At Titisee

Group Picture In Front Of A Background Of Snow

Freiburg – The Black Forest

The trip to the land of the Cuckoo clocks and also the famous Black Forest cake.

It is not called the Black Forest for no reason. Somehow the forest does seem to have a darker shade which I only realised after being pointed out by a local which was sharing the same cabin on the ICE train as us.

We took an early train from the city of Hamburg with a journey lasting roughly six hours to the central station. Thankfully, we were staying in InterCity Hotel which building was attached to the station. Nearly no effort at all in locating the hotel when we arrived. Apparently all InterCity Hotel are located within walking distance of the main stations. Your stay also includes a complimentary all day local transportation pass.

We wasted no time and went into the City Center to see the sights and sounds on offer. It was indeed no disappointment when we arrive at the main square and even decided to join the queue for the famous sausages. It was recommended to us by our felow friend we met in the cabin.

Another place worth mentioning is Micros which is located centrally. It sells Swiss Chocolate at an affordable price. As Switzerland happens to only be about an hour away by train, a lot of the Swiss made products are available here.

Here are some of the pics of Freiburg courtesy of Joe

Me In The Queue For Sausages

Walking In Front Of The City Hall (Notice The Open Drain, It Flows Constantly Throughout The City Center)

Meant To Take The Cable Car Here To The Highest Peak But Walked All The Way Up Instead Because The Cable Car Was Under Maintenance

Making Our Descent On The Highest Peak In Freiburg

Sorry for a short blog but I decided to clear my back log of posts fairly quickly.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pixlr.com Free Online Photo Editor

Forget the days whereby you have to purchase licenses or having to install applications on your machine. The future is here! Pixlr is a fully online based image editor that works like a pro. No Installation Required!

Similar to the web based applications that Google have been offering, this application is beyond my expectations. It truly brings it to another level!


It allows you to edit images from your desktop or hard drive fairly quickly without having to upload it to their servers. When you start up the program, it does a check in the background to ensure you have all the necessary files installed in the background (eg. Java). Once everything is ok, you are ready to edit like a pro.

It has all the basic features of what you can expect from a professional image editor (I am not talking about Microsoft Paint but the likes of GIMP, CS Fireworks and even Photoshop)

I tried it over a fairly adequate internet connection and I can’t complain. As I have only used it twice, I can really spot any downside to it other than requiring an internet connection. I will update as I come across them.

This leads me to question what is next? The internet never seems to disappoint me!


Benny Ong

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

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Benny Ong

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ayo Technology - Milow

It is rare cases that a cover song would be better than the original one but this track gave 50 Cent and Justin Timberlake's collaboration a new life. It top the charts in Belgium and Netherlands with it still being around.

Milow is a Belgian based singer and song writer with his fair share of accomplishments. I wish him much success in breaking the heavily American and British dominated industry.

This song has the royal sign of approval indeed!


Benny Ong

Monday, March 09, 2009

Mando Diao - Dance With Somebody

A track from December 2008 before I return to Malaysia for Chinese New Year. Reminds me a bit of Franz Ferdinand. They were sort of MTV's Spotlight artist and their tracks were played on a continous cycle. Their official website is at http://www.mandodiao.com

A bit of details of the band courtesy of Wikipedia.com:

"Mando Diao is a garage rock band from Borlänge, Sweden. The band got their breakthrough with the release of the album Hurricane Bar. The song God Knows was featured in FIFA 06. Their main fan base is in Sweden, Germany, and Japan although their influence has recently spread to Western Europe, most noticeably the UK."


Sunday, March 08, 2009

Website Hacked

Thanks to Song Yia, I was made aware that all my pages were hacked. It was definately a disturbing experience but it really made realized the importance of backing up my site and having in place necessary security measures.

My site was restored fairly quickly as I have all the files but I was unsure when exactly the hacking occured but have launched and investigation with the service provider. My main concern is that this might happen again and it could pontentially affect countless of hours of work.

A very unexpected event but I guess the hackers do not discriminate and attack anyone they could.

That's all for the moment!

Enjoy what is remaining of your weekend!


Benny Ong

Saturday, March 07, 2009

CeBIT 2009 Hannover Germany

So I have arrived at CeBIT 2009 in Hannover. I woke up early today in order to catch the train in time for the start of the Convention. The journey from Hamburg took a little close to 3 hours on a more economical route. I went on complimentary tickets courtesy of my boss.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
The Evidence Shot with the CeBIT logo in the background

The moment we got there, we were welcomed with two gentlemen on stilts distributing goodie bags from Norton Security. There were heaps other giving away brochures and magazines. The downside is that they were all in German with minimal literature in English.

The tickets at CeBIT are those that require registering online before attending. After validating the tickets and going through the barriers, I was excited to see what was on offer this year.

If I recall correctly, there were more than 20 halls being used for this event and they are carefully split into several categories such as IT Infrastructure, Webciety, IT Security, Green IT and the list goes on. The location reminded me of a large factory ground. It was indeed a workout moving from one hall to the other. The halls are sometimes separate building and there were shuttle services running through each building.

I played with a technology which allowed someone to hold up a 2D image of a product and be able to see a projection of it on screen in 3D. It was displayed within the Microsoft area by a business partner. Apparently the technology is already being used by Toys ‘R’ Us for LEGO.

German giants such as T-Systems and SAP made their presence really felt in their home ground. Their display was very grand and in scales I have never seen before.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

IBM however takes the trophy for the best display with their solutions and services carefully categorized. They also feature a grand presentation of cloud computing in an art form itself. Not the best video capture but it gives you a good example of what I am referring to.

Another perk of attending such events are the freebies you can collect. Although they will end up collecting dust anyways, it is a novelty. My favourite catch of the event was a collection of carrier bags which will help me a lot on my next trip to the supermarket. The most pointless gift was a blow up boxing glove.

The asians were not left out as there sections for Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and Korea.

As it is my first CeBIT, I never knew how it was compared to the previous ones. However, it was apparent that there were gaps on floor space in certain Halls. Big players such as HP were nowhere to be seen this year.

Signing off!

Benny Ong

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Guilty Again

It is exactly a wink of an eye and we are already in the third month of the year 2009. Before you know it, I will be typing out my summary post for the whole year.

Well, back to my blog post. As you may see, I have been neglecting it once again for not posting in ages. I could type all the excuse in the world but it is simply I did not feel like blogging during that gap.

That does not mean I have not been on the web in ages. I have actually concentrated my energy on fixing some pages online and tweaking some of my online projects. You may notice that some of my websites were down during the migration and some have changed totally. I have revamped Soscili.com and will be extending it with over 1,400 games shortly and reopening the wallpaper download pages again that boasts over 60,000 files. So, keep your eyes on that! I have been doing quite well in selling digital downloads lately but am yet to master it. I will share a post in a few days perhaps on how you can jump on the bandwagon on this.

My kind Line Manager has offered me tikets to this year's Cebit at Hannover. For those who do not know what they are, it is like the Master of all Geek Fair with a massive showcase of new technology and gadgets. Do not know how the economy crisis will impact the fair but it doesn't matter as it is my first!

I also redeemed tickets from my Malaysian Airlines Enrich Air Miles for my Mom and Sister to visit me. They will be coming in about three weeks time and I will be taking them to Berlin! Can't wait for that. Exciting times ahead!

That's all for a quick update from me. Trust me that you will be hearing about my experience at 2009 Cebit on my next post. Till then, take care!