Sunday, February 01, 2009

Back Home At Last

The Chinese New Year road trip has officially ended today with my return to USJ. Since I touched down exactly a week ago, I have been on the road visiting relatives in both Penang and Johor which are almost on both North and South end of Peninsular Malaysia.

When I was growing up in Penang, this was the exact routine we did with the exception that we will be heading straight to Johor. I was too young to drive and it was my dad behind the wheel for a journey that can take from 7 to 10 hours depending on the years of the festive season. The worst will be when there are two major holidays on the same week which will result in a surge of traffic on the highway. To be honest, regardless what the festive seasons, Malaysian citizens will always take the opportunity to return to their hometown.

Since I missed the celebrations last year, I took the opportunity to appreciate the festive season this time around. I had a blast during the reunion dinner in Batu Pahat, Johor. My cousins are generally younger in that part of the family tree. I was still impressed about how grown up they all were with three of them awaiting their examination results which signals the graduation from public schools. All this obversations are also a reflection of my aging self.

Back in Penang, I had the chance to meet up with a handful of high school friends. I am proud of each of their achievements and fascinated about how diverse we all have become. We are fairly well spread out geographically which I believe will be very beneficial as our network grows.

Penang itself has it fair amount of change since my last return about almost two years ago. To name a few, The administration of the Island has been taken over by a new political party; Georgetown was awarded Unesco heritage status; A major free wireless effort has started; The bridge is undergoing a widening; the second bridge construction has started and the electronics/semiconductor industry in Penang was not spared from the recession with a handful of jobs made redundant. However, my favourite food still remain the same tucked in a corner shop in Balik Pulau.

It was a very productive commute between two states as I manage to catch up on my reading. I also spend some quiet nights typing away in my room.

Well, it was sort of a summary of what I have been up to the past week. It was hectic yet relaxing.

That's all for now, till my next post, take care and Happy "Niu" Year. (Niu = Ox in Chinese)

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