Saturday, January 10, 2009

Killing Time at Kiel Germany

Kiel is the capital of Schlegswig-Holstein which is a sailing town on the Northern part of Germany. The city center harbour is the starting position for huge ferries to Norway and Sweden. It might be my next plan to try and take a ferry from here to Norway and Sweden.

If you are travelling from Hamburg like I did, the journey will take you a little above 1 hour by train to the Kiel central station. There is a tourist center in the station where you get a free map to guide yourself. Alternatively, there is a larger tourist center in the new city hall which is reachable 10 mins by foot.

If you like shopping, there is a long stretch of pedestrian street with a great variety of stores. We made our journey pass through the street to visit the old Rathaus (City Hall) which is near the Opera House. Just a stone throw away, you will come across Hiroshima Park and also a large lake, Kleine Kiel which gives you a magnificent view of the city.

The Old Rathaus at Kiel
View of Rathaus from Kleine Kiel

The lake is almost fully frozen and I took the opportunity to feed some of the birds with bread in a small water opening.

Feeding Birds at Kleiner Kiel
Feeding Birds at Kleiner Kiel

We continued on to visit the St Nikolai Church before settling down for a meal at Subways. We then cross the Horn Bridge to the view the city from the other side of the harbour.

Kieler Hafen
View of the city from the other side of Kiel Hafen

We managed to spend half a day here before we decided that we have seen enough. Kiel is a very small Sailing City which have a few historical sites and building. It is suitable for a visit to escape the crowds of bigger cities. I would most probably give this place a skip if I have limited time visiting Germany.

That's all for now, till my next post, take care!

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