Saturday, January 03, 2009

Hanseatic City of Lübeck

Yeah, the first weekend day trip of 2009! We decided to head to the nearby city of Lübeck. It was listed as a Unesco World Heritage Site in 1987 and being there makes you realized why.

The city is only 40 minutes by train from Hamburg Central Station and as its old city is fairly small, everything is reachable on foot. There is a group ticket for up to 5 on offer for weekend trip which made our journey costs 28 Euros. Less than 6 Euros each! What a bargain!

As you arrived at the city. There is a tourist information center just adjacent the train station and another one near the grand Holstentor Gate which welcomes you to the city.

Holstentor Gate
Holstentor Gate

As the city is pretty compact, it is hard to find space to capture the picture of the whole building. Maybe it is more doable using a much better camera.

City Hall

In the city center, there is a large open space where the city hall is along with what I believe is the Market Square. The journey here will take you through a huge variety of modern retailers which surprisingly blends in well with the city.

Dom and a half frozen lake
Dom and A Frozen Lake

It snowed when we walking in the city and it was a nice sight to see a lake which is half frozen. Not convinced on whether it is rock solid, I decided to matters to hand by borrowing Song Yia’s crutches (The news is out, she sprained her ankle) to break the surface.

Breaking The Ice In Muhlenteich
Breaking The Ice

The city also boasts having the most Nobel Prize winners with 3 to its name. We visited Buddenbrook’s house. I believed he won a prize for literature and his life is now a major local movie.
The Hospital of The Holy Spirit
The Hospital Of The Holy Spirit

Lübeck’s wealthy citizens raised funds to build the "Hospital of the Holy Spirit". It is the first social welfare facility in Germany. Sick, Poor and Homeless people were accepted here. 170 beds were simply laid out on the floor then in the 19th Century dividing walls were built. Each room was equipped with the basics for everyday life. The hospital was built by the citizens for the citizens.

The Hospital Of The Holy Ghost
Inside The Hospital

We ended the day at the famous Niederegger cafe for everything made out of Marzipan. I had a Marzipan shake while pinching a variety of Marzipan flavoured cakes.

That’s all for now and I might try and squeeze in another day trip before I head home for Chinese New Year 2009! Can’t wait!

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