Thursday, December 04, 2008

The Ego Has Landed In Hamburg

I landed in the not so unfamiliar grounds of Hamburg. I was fortunate to have been here a couple of time before due to a variety of work related reasons. It is however different now as it will be my adopted home for the next 12 months at least.

I am living in a service apartment about 20 minutes walk to the office which I treat as my daily exercise routine. It is heavily dependent on the weather as the journey took a bit longer when it snowed. I did take pictures of the eventful day.

Well, I have not set up my internet access at my apartment at the moment which will explain the irregular blog posts you will be seeing in the next couple of days. What I will do is to prepare the blog posts well in advance at my personal time and post it whenever I have got a chance.

As for the plans later today, a bunch of us will be crashing the Germany Christmas Market near the Town Hall. They had a similar one in Southampton before I left which was somewhat a teaser for my move to Hamburg. Going in a group of foreigners, you can bet we will be trigger happy with our cameras but I am not sure how the quality will turn out to be with the weather. I will upload some and you be the judge.

That’s all for now and till my next post. Take care!

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