Sunday, December 21, 2008

Hunting Down Broadband In Germany

Trying to hunt down a reasonable internet connection to suit my need in a non-english speaking country turned out to be quite challenging.All their websites and brochures are in their native language. (Even more reasons for me to learn German) On the first week of my arrival in Germany, I started the journey looking for the deal that will be suitable.

It is really hard to get a decent connection here as you are expected to sign on a 24 month contract. A very unfriendly deal to most people that are given assignments for under 2 years. Also, I am staying at a service apartment which does not allow you to install your own phone line which prevents you from getting cabled internet.

On the first week, I eyed a deal on O2 for mobile internet. I happily trialed this before in the UK using Vodafone so I am familiar with the technology. The shop that wanted to sell the subscription to me wanted us to be on a 3 month rolling contract with Euro 99.00 upfront fees. We did not sign on with the deal as we did not have the necessary documents. This turned out to work to our advantage later on.

Weeks passed on with the office colleagues trying to hunt down a reasonable deal. The most attractive was still o2 with the most generous unlimited surfing package with a download limit of 10 GB before the quality of service reduces. My mind has been made up on which provider but wasn't too sure with the commitment of a 3 month rolling contract.

Thank god I stumbled upon the same package while I was at Saturn (a large technology mall) for the same deal but at a much better price. It cost me 59 euros for a Hua Wei made, o2 branded surf stick with a month free subscription. The following months will only cost me 25 euros and it works like an prepaid mobile phone.

The speed turned out to be reliable and acceptable although not as fast as a cabled internet.

That's all for now! Till next time, take care!

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Steve Paine said...

Good find.
Ill be interedted to see how you get on as i was thinking about a vodafone or tmobile deal.
Steve (Bonn)