Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bon Voyage 2008

The year has gone by and I don’t usually do this but here is a take at reviewing what a year it has been.

The most exciting part was being able to return to the UK on a one year assignment in Southampton. I have to admit that I first found Southampton too quiet for my liking but slowly grew to love the calmness of this place compared to London where I spent roughly two years living in. As I enjoy doing day excursions, I managed to go to Winchester, Isle of Wight, Portsmouth and a handful of towns while staying here.

That’s not all for my travels, I manage to go to Bangkok for a shopping spree, Paris, Dublin and Belfast City with Song Yia on holidays; Sardinia, Barcelona, Budapest, Brussels and Amsterdam on work and Munster, Ghent, Rhineland, Vienna & Luxembourg on a weekend day trip. Now, I am finally settled in Hamburg Germany. All of this did enough to quench my thirst for seeing the world this year. There should be more exciting locations and sites for me to visit next year which you bet that I am more than looking forward to.

From a career perspective, I rolled out a project in Southampton, an old unused factory which is subjected to a lot of physical security control. It was interesting to arrive at the site on weekends and socialize with the security officers sharing their experiences of past breaches and also acts of trying to smuggle products out of the bonded site.

It is sad though that I missed the chance to arrive earlier while it as an operating factory as all that are left now are empty factory floors. Working here was like a weight loss program from having to walk from different buildings. My experience of working on the project while I was in London certainly helped me a lot during this adventure.

I moved on to do a bit of Service Management and also got involved with the same project in Germany which turned out to be very different. This time, a lot of the activities and coordination was handled via the on site team with me being in Malaysia during the big roll out day.

I experienced my first flight cancellation which forced me to spend a night in Heathrow. I am hoping to get a first class upgrade on my next trip. If I spoke too soon, it won’t be long before my next flight cancellation for my return flight from Paris. I got home at about 2.00 in the morning on a flight to Birmingham with having to leave for the London office at 6.00 a.m. What a tiring day it was!

Now, I have my feet grounded in Hamburg, Germany which is going to be my adopted home for next year. I landed feeling energized and recharged for another great adventure and new chapter of my life. I look forward to all the challenges ahead for another rewarding year.

Come to think about it, reviewing the year is fun as it brings back all the good memories and also reminds me of what I have achieved. Perceived

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