Monday, November 03, 2008

The Capital Of Europe

Here I find myself in a hotel room in Brussels typing away. I was here when I was very young thanks to my parents but could hardly recall anything. The first thing I will do when I return to Malaysia is to look through piles and piles of photos to locate one that could hopefully refresh my mind.

The day started pretty odd as the first taxi I took refused to use his meter and insisted I paid 20 Euros for the journey. I was almost willing to pay him for the journey just to avoid the inconvenience of being left off the road and having to find a taxi by myself. Fortunately, he dropped me off on another taxi stand. Somewhat of an ethical taxi driver, I am puzzled. Maybe his meter was not working or he was a dodgy cab but I will give him the benefit of doubt.

I finally got into a taxi which could not locate the office I was heading to despite giving him the address. There was no GPS navigation system in his taxi and he relied on the A-Z map book. Flipping through countless pages with the meter running conveniently. I called my colleague which spoke to the driver and yet he still wasn't sure where to go to. Eventually, I got where I needed to be. What a first day, I should try taking the metro the next few days and see.

The day in the office progressed slow and it is fairly a quite office. I had some shrimp dish for lunch and found out interesting facts on Belgium. I will be heading to Amsterdam tomorrow on the colleagues car to visit the office there. This will be my fifth time in Amsterdam. The first was when I was very little, secondly was a trip with my sister, the third trip was courtesy of my ex Boss where I ventured further out and another brief trip when I was visiting Rhineland in Germany.

Also, did I mentioned I forgot my jumper! So I had to buy one off H&M today. I have already spotted it a while back and finally found an excuse for it. The weather was actually tolerable but I should prepare for the worse. The hotel that I am staying was a stone throw away from Neuve Street which is somewhat the main shopping stretch.

That's all for now as I have to catch up with some proposals that just came in. It is due for review tomorrow so I better start reading up. This is purely by choice.

Till my next post load of pictures. Take care!


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Pete said...

Wow, you sure get to travel a heck of a lot...