Sunday, November 02, 2008

New UK Entry Point System

If you are a non European Union citizen and wish to work in the UK, requirements have now changed with the introduction of the points and tier system which will put a stop to over 80 routes where a non EU citizen like me can remain in the UK to work.

Here is a video from the Home Office elaborating more on the scheme.

Over the past decade, there has been so many changes to immigration laws for entry into the UK. I suppose this are all as a result to combat abuse and also ensure higher security for the nation. When I first arrive in 2003 as a student, I did not require any VISA and was issued one on arrival. I stayed onto work another year on the SEGS Scheme which is the Science and Engineering Graduate Scheme that seize to exist by now. Later, thanks to the company that I am with now and also my former boss, I am on a work permit which is coming to an end. Wow, that is like 3 types of entry VISA that I had. Hopefully, my good tax records and entries will somehow contribute to the new points scheme as I would really like to return to the UK someday.

I bet this is a normal cycle with immigration laws tightening and eventually when things are better and in control, it might loosen up a bit. I believe this is the governments way to tackle the depression that is hitting our country.

Well, good luck to those applying and enjoy whats left of your weekend!


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