Monday, November 24, 2008

Less Than A Week To Hamburg

It is just under a week now before I relocate to Hamburg to work. The journey on getting the necessary paper was long enough and I am glad that it is now over. I am actually looking forward on moving there as it will be a good change. It will be my first time living for an extended period of time in a non english speaking country and the arrangement is for me to be there for a year.

I am glad that there is a handful of fellow Malaysians already based there and also Song Yia. It will help me a lot in getting used to the culture. Germany is famous for their beer and also sausages which I love. It is also the season for their Christmas markets which I am looking forward to.

Back in Southampton, I have started cancelling all my utility bills and all prepared for my onwards journey. You never know how much stuff you have got until you start packing. I am also glued in front of the computer as I will not be having my internet connection when I am there. Depending on how things turn out, I might sign up for a proper broadband connection as I heard the wireless network within the apartment is quite poor.

Over the weekend I had lunch with a high school friend that I never knew was here. I heard about it a month ago and bumped into him by coincidence in a local Malaysian restaurant. It was nice to catch up and talk about old school friends and life back in Penang. We concur on missing the mamak stalls the most as it is the most convenient way to get a wide variety of food.

That's all my random musings for the time being.


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