Saturday, October 25, 2008

Saturday Morning in October

Rise and shine... Today I will be heading to Victoria coach station to pick up a buddy and perhaps later head on to Bayswater for lunch. I will need to squeeze in a hair cut that I missed last night due to poor planning and watched Coen brothers "Burn After Reading" flick at the Empire in Leicester Square. Very odd movie that keep replaying in my head.

Dinner time last night was good with KL colleagues in the UK. Am very happy and glad to see fellow Malaysians flying the flag high abroad. And yar, I got my residence permit for Germany on my passport. Took a while but finally got there. Clap clap clap!

I have showered and all dressed up for today's outing. Will need to spend about 8 hours carrying my heavy laptop bag I brought with me as I stayed over after entering the London office. Was wearing jeans as I thought it was dressed down Friday but the policy has changed. Well, apologizing is much easier I guess.

Might be heading to Brussels the upcoming week with Switzerland to follow next. Very much looking forward to it and will somehow try to squeeze in more sights if possible (eg. Luxembourg which is about 3 hours away by train from Brussels).

Better start heading off to avoid my buddy having to wait for me. Will do a random post when I retire back to Southampton in the evening.


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