Saturday, October 11, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me!

It finally has arrived, I have spent 24 youthful years on this planet we call earth. Many thanks to everyone and let us hope that there are more sweet and exciting memories ahead.

I have done a rush job on launching my new theme on my birthday. Although I originally set out to design the theme from scratch, I have settled for building on an existing one. Don't get me wrong, I did acomplish creating a theme from scratch but there were some coding errors that I did not spend heaps of time to fix. Oh well, at least my colour scheme and headers are put into good news.

Over the next few weeks, you will see new categories and adjustments on my blog which hopefully will result in a more streamline theme "Royal Self Worshipper" to declare the undying love of myself. Well, no one else could have been more original than that right.

Looking back at what I have achieve for the past 24 years at first, I was a bit dissapointed but when I started listing them down, I soon realised that I had done quite a bit. So, it ain't that bad. There are a handful of other stuff I would like to achieve and will constantly work towards it.

We are unfortunately at dark times now with the economic being badly hit but always remember that things will get better. Don't panic but deal with it using your common sense and the pure instict that has allowed us to survive for so long. That's all my words for the moment and I will keep everyone updated on my misadventures.

Before I end the post, special thanks to which made a post of me. She has earn the reputation of e-mailing out pictures of people on their birthday! Now, she has moved on to blogging about it. Wonderful!

Also, not to forget my dearest Song Yia for the surprise present and all the well wishers on facebook.



Pete said...

Hope you had a happy bday, my friend!

bennyong said...

Thanks Pete. How are things with yourself?