Sunday, October 19, 2008

Dublin Ireland

Dublin was the first stop of my recent one week getaway from work. It was in conjunction with my birthday. Dublin is the capital of Ireland and it is certainly highly recommended a visit. The city has a population of just over half a million and like many capitals has their own river called Liffey flowing through its center.

Here are some tourist spot I managed to check out during my voyage here:

Trinity College

Trinity College dates back to 1592, and most of the country’s historical figures studied here at one time. The Old Library holds 200,000 historical volumes. The famous Book of Kells and other treasures are shown in the Long Room.

The Book of Kells

The Book of Kells - It is a shame that you can't take picture of it. It is an amazing sight to look at the level of details this ancient book holds.

Temple Bar

Temple Bar - The ever popular spot where the night life centers around. We stayed just next to this iconic bar.

The Statue of Molly Malone

Molly Malone Statue - I finally seen a statue of her. We stayed at a Irish pub cum hotel in Siem Reap named after this lady.

Dublin Castle

Dublin Castle - You are seeing just a bit of it.

Gravity Bar at Guiness Storehouse

Guiness Storehouse - The most visited place in Dublin. This is the Gravity bar where you are seeing Song Yia and me enjoying a pint of Guiness that we draught ourselves. We even got a certificate to proof it!

St Patricks Cathedral

St Patricks Cathedral - A visit to dublin is never complete without visiting it's patron saint!

Christ Church

Christ Church - This is probably the oldest building as it was built in 1038.

Post Office

The General Post Office - The site of the Easter Uprising

The Irish definately lived up to their reputation of being the friendliest as we were approached a countless of times by locals offering to take pictures of both of us while we were taking snap shots of each other.

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