Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Budapest Report

It has been a few days since I arrived in Budapest and I could feel the warmth and hospitality of the colleagues here. I am thankful to be able to deal with them and communicate in all sorts of level.

Well, something interesting happen yesterday evening when I was having dinner after an evening tour of the city tour courtesy of a colleague. When JC and me sat down for dinner in a restaurant, I was able to see the menu stand at the entrance. There was a fellow chinese which cycled and stop in front of the restaurant to look at the menu. The face looked familiar and it instantly struck my mind that it was a fellow peer from a supplier that I have dealt with when I was in KL. (WHAT A FREAKING SMALL WORLD!!!!!) What were the odds of seeing a fellow Malaysian that you know in a foreign land. I was aware that he was in the UK for some travelling and never on earth it would have struck my mind in a lifetime that I will be able to bump into him in all places, Budapest! Just amazing I tell you. We exchanged a few words and hopefully we would stay in touch and travel to some other interesting places together as well.

As I am blogging now, there were constant flashes at the back. I turned around to notice that there is a photo shoot going on. Now it explains all the pretty ladies I saw in the lobby as I walked back into the hotel. I am a bit reluctant to leave the business center where there is free internet access to be caught in between the buzz. I am totally dressed for bed Malaysian style with shorts, slippers and a sloppy t-shirt. Well, I will just run through the crowd I guess. Never expected them in the first place. :P

I took a few pics of key sites in Budapest and have even prepared a post for it but have never got around to upload those pictures. It will most probably be done this weekend and you can see some amazing sights I hope.

I also found out that a train ticket to Vienna from the central station here only costs 29 Euros which to me is a steal and I will be going to Austria on Saturday as a personal trip together with Jacinth. It is only for a day trip so that I snap a few nice pictures to share with you and also to gain exposure of the city. I heard loads of good comments about the city and am excited about it.

That's all for now and till my next post.


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