Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Belfast City Northern Ireland

Belfast City was about 2-3 hours ride by train from Dublin if I recall correctly. Belfast is the capital of Northern Ireland which is part of the United Kingdom. Belfast saw the worst of the Troubles in Northern Ireland, and since their start in 1969, news of violence and disruption marred the city’s image as a tourist destination. Since the 1997 cease-fire and the Good Friday agreement, however, Belfast is making up for lost time.

You can see the vast difference between two capitals in Ireland and it can stretch to the both extremes depending on where you are. This are some of the popular spots that I managed to take snap shots of.

City Hall

The City Hall

Belfast Castle

Belfast Castle


Custom House - I can't exactly recall which building this is but guess it is Custom House.

Fish Sculpture

The famous fish sculpture at the waterfront

Peace Wall

Leaving my mark on the Peace Wall

Shankill Road

One of the many Murals at Shankill Road

It is a shame that I was not that knowledgeable of the historical background of the differences that caused the conflict to split Ireland into two but thanks to this visit have a greater appreciation of the history that shaped what Ireland is today.

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Song Yia said...

Wah, my photography skill fail man. Check out the 1st picture. I can't even take the picture straight!