Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What A Surprise!

After lunchtime in the office today, I got a call from security saying I have a package and asking where I would like it to be delivered to, the stores or reception. My response was "Are you sure?" because I have not ordered anything lately through the internet and hence was not expecting to receive anything as a return.

The officer at the gates insisted and I kindly replied to send it to reception and I will sign for it. So there I was when I saw the dispatcher holding up a large box and it immediately occured to me that this can't be right and what struck my mind was Song Yia.

She was asking me about lately and could this be my early birthday present? I messaged her to ask her what she had done behind my back. Her response was just simply to open up the package no matter how many times I asked.

As my office room was packed with people, I discreetly open it and there was an enveloped containing the delivery slip. There it states Kodak 10inch Digital Photo Frame and I was jumping for joy. I have always wanted one. Here is a picture of it. I am sure it cost a bomb!

Image Hosted by

As the present was actually wrapped within the box (yea, sort of a wrapped box within a box), the envelope containing the delivery states, keep your gift a surprise and open it first before opening the envelope. (Too late!)

My colleagues mentioned I should open it during my actual birthday rather than what I did.

Well, I will be busy in the evening before my getaway to Ireland this weekend trying to set it up! Thank you dear!!!!!

It surely made my day!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

The Needles in Isle Of Wight

Always being used to having lazy weekends, today I decided to go ahead with a day trip to Isle of Wight although a friend bailed out this morning. Revisiting this post, it was over a year ago since I first visited the island. We took the Red Jet High Speed Ferry which was roughly a twenty minutes ride to Cowes. The tickets cost GBP 17.60 for a day return. From the pier, you can travel to the capital using Bus No 1. We got the Day Rover ticket which was only GBP 10.00 which entitles you to unlimited travel on buses on the island including the Open Top Tour Buses.

Newport: Capital of Isle Of Wight

After several scenic bus rides, we reached Alum Bay with the intention to visit the Needles. With our 1 Day Rover pass, we hop on the Needles Breezer bus which took us up to top of the hill.

Alum Bay in The Background
Scenic Views All Over The Island

The wind was very strong and thank god I came prepared. In the picture below, you can see The Needles. The description from Wikipedia as follow:

"The Needles is a row of three distinctive stacks of chalk that rise out of the sea off the western extremity of the Isle of Wight, England, close to Alum Bay. A lighthouse designed by Scottish civil engineer James Walker has stood at the western end of the formation since 1859." The distinct light house has been unmanned since 1995.

The Needles
The Needles In The Background

I also discovered that there was a secret space exploration laboratory set up here and the first UK Satelite was launched from here and although it is still in orbit, it is no longer in use. The place was demolished after government funds were frozen and the facility was shut and the bull dozers sent in to demolish it. Sophisticated underground tunnels were covered with rubble until the National Trust purchased the place and open it up to public.

New Battery Isle Of Wight
Secret Rocket Launch Pad

Back at Alum Bay, we took the open air cable car ride to the pebble beach closer to cliffs covered by the amazing coloured sands. It is due to the rich content of minerals that give the cliff its amazing colour. There is a record of 21 colours of sands from here. The Victorians used to collect the sands in glass bottles, they are arranged it in layers of colour which makes its a very nice work of art.

Coloured Sands of Alum Bay
Coloured Sands of Alum Bay

That's all for now and it was a great Sunday spent.


Friday, September 05, 2008

2 Days of Camping at Pulborough

Early yesterday morning, I made my way by train to Pulborough for a company annual camping event. Apparently it is already in its fourth year and was held at Washington Caravan and Camping Park.

Once we have arrived at the site, we started getting the tents up despite the weather. After having sandwiches for lunch, it was then straight to a farm in Brighton whereby we did our charitable work by clearing off weeds. The farm is run by volunteers and we managed to achieve a lot despite finishing earlier as it started pouring. I did not bring any waterproof gear but thank god the team had bought spare ones.

We soon head back to the campsite where we had dinner at a pub as everyone is tired and could not be bothered with having a BBQ but agreed that we need a campfire. In my life experience, we had the best fire ever despite going in and out of the canopy for shelter during the rain.

Being Positive With A Smile

Woke up next morning to a heavy downpour and freshen up using the facilities. The fire was still going on and everyone voted to return home. We started packing up and by 10.00 a.m, all of us were at McDonald's along the highway for breakfast. I was soon drop off at the station by a very kind colleague.

Our Tents
Our Spot On The Campsite

One thing worth mentioning with all our tents at the site, there was this one that dwarfs us all. Look at the size of it, I am sure we can have a fully fitted kitchen, living room and etc in there.

Look at the size of this!

Well, it was definately a great 2 days experience all and all. :)